VIP Card terms and conditions

VIP Card term and conditions

a) Customers presenting their invitation at the Village Welcome, Visitor or Tourist Information Centre, will (subject to availability and any “blackout periods” that may apply at a Village) be entitled to receive a complimentary “VIP Card”, which will provide them with a 10% reduction in selected boutiques at Participating Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages.

b) The VIP Card is only valid on the date of issue and at the Chic Outlet Shopping® Village in which it is issued, and can only be used once in each participating boutique. The VIP Card is only for use at the participating outlet boutiques at the Village in which the VIP Card is issued, and must be presented at the time of purchase in order to receive the benefit of the 10% reduction.

c) Full terms and conditions apply concerning the availability and use of the VIP Card will be supplied upon issue of the VIP Card and are also available upon request at the relevant participating Village Welcome, Visitor or Tourist Information Centre and on the relevant Village website.

d) The VIP Card will not be available during “Further Reduction” or “Blackout” periods. Full details of any “blackout” periods when the VIP Card will not be available will be provided at the relevant Village Welcome, Visitor or Tourist Information Centre.

e) Value Retail acts as the agent of the participating boutiques at all times and the VIP Card creates no contractual relationship between Value Retail and the Customer in relation to the discount offered by the VIP Card or otherwise. The Customer shall have no right, and waives any ability he/she may have to make any claim against Value Retail in the event that a participating boutique fails to honour the VIP Card, and the Customer’s only remedy in that situation is to claim against the participating boutique.

f) Value Retail, nor any members of the same group of companies as Value Retail (i) take any responsibility for the prices at which the participating boutique advertises or sells the goods from time to time; and (ii) give any warranties regarding the goods (including without limitation the quality thereof) that the Customer may obtain with the VIP Card at the relevant participating boutique.