L'espace La Vallée Village

L'espace La Vallée Village

L'espace La Vallée Village, the contemporary art gallery at La Vallée Village, one of the Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages, is hosting the work of the talented young photographer IRIS DELLA ROCA from 13 October 2011 to 8 January 2012.

Perceiving photography as an expression of her personal engagement in the community, the 25-year-old Iris Della Roca is showcasing a series of photographic prints, which position her work in the heart of current affairs in an optimistic and poetic light. The exhibition title "As the king is not humble, may the humble be king” sets the tone.

Passionate about Brazil, Iris Della Roca lives part of the year in a Rio de Janeiro favela, where she works as an unpaid volunteer with the ‘Swap a weapon for a paintbrush’ charity. During her time in the favela she offered the children a chance to produce a magazine together.

Through Iris’ photographic lens, the children from Rocinha, the biggest favela in Rio, were able to escape their circumstances for a moment and enter a world of innocence and make-believe, enabling their imagination to run wild as they dreamt of becoming fashion models for a day, a far cry from the common perception, often depicted in the world’s press, of children’s experiences in the favelas.

“Through role play, I wanted them to have fun, to become children, for them to believe that they are beautiful and strong “stars”. Through this game I wanted them to cast away their inhibitions and become totally free – a sort of liberation that could not be tainted by their everyday problems.”

This is an optimistic and moving exhibition, which offers visitors a glimpse into the children’s daily lives though a series of photos, collages and drawings, with the accompanying sounds of Rocinha’s streets recorded by the artist herself.

In addition to the exhibition, La Vallée Village will also be producing the magazine Iris Della Roca planned with the children from Rocinha. It will feature the children’s drafts and photos, as well as articles from contributors in the worlds of fashion and photography.

The magazine will be sold (€2) at the Welcome Center in La Vallée Village as well as Espace La Vallée Village from 13 October to 8 January 2012. All proceeds from magazine sales will be donated in full to the ‘Swap a weapon for a paintbrush’ charity.

Iris Della Roca is 25 years old. With a degree in history from Centre IRIS, Paris she began her career in New York where she worked for Trace magazine before joining Amnesty International in France.

Iris had begun to work with international photographers in France and Brazil when she decided to live in Brazil for a year and work on two projects. The first project is dedicated to boxing as a means of avoiding crime for the charity ‘Luta pela Paz’ (‘Fight for Peace’); the second project concerns children from the favela in which she lives.